Congress Chair

10th World Congress on New Technologies (NewTech 2024)
August 25 - 27, 2024 | Barcelona, Spain

The NewTech 2024 Congress is composed of 5 conferences

Andriy Voronov

Dr. Devika Chithrani

University of Victoria, Canada
Congress Chair

Dr. Chithrani did her bachelor of science at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She did a physics major and received a first class honors along with many other awards which includes the gold medal for faculty of science and gold medal for physics. She also received a probationary lecturer position based on her academic excellence. Recognizing her achievements, University of Toronto awarded her a scholarship to do her doctoral studies. During her doctoral studies at the department of Materials science and Engineering, she won many prestigious awards including NSERC, OGS, OGGST, and university of Toronto open scholarship. She also received an NSERC-PDF to carry on her postdoctoral work at institute of Biomedical engineering, University of Toronto. Currently, she is the director of the Nanoscience and Technology Development Laboratory at the department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, Canada. Dr. Chithrani leverages nanotechnology to create innovations that advance the care of cancer patients. She is using gold nanoparticles as a radiation dose enhancer in cancer therapy. This work is featured on the cover of radiation research journal. This paper won the highest impact paper award in 2018 by COMP (Canadian association of Medical physicist). She has also developed three dimensional tumor models to optimize bio-nano interface in cancer therapy. This work is featured on the cover of Nano-Micro Letters. Dr. Chithrani is considered as one of the leaders in the field of nanotechnology and her publications have received over 7500 citations in few years. Dr. Chithrani has earned a strong international reputation for her innovative research through her many review articles, book chapters, and invited presentations. She is an associate editor of many nanotechnology based journals. Her passion is to develop smart nanomaterials to improve exiting cancer therapeutics. She believes that many side effects due to chemotherapy can be reduced by controlled delivery of anticancer drugs using smart nanomaterials.

Andriy Voronov

Dr. Domenico Lombardo

CNR - (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), Italy
Local Chair

Graduated in Physics (1990) and in Materials Engineering (2006), prof. Domenico Lombardo is a research group leader at the Istituto per i Processi Chimico-Fisici (Messina) of the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and Responsible of the CNR Research Activities: - Study of Soft Interactions in Nanostructured Colloidal Systems - Smart Nano-objects for Alteration of Lipid bilayers. His research activity in Laser Light / X-rays / Neutron Scattering Spectroscopy includes Instrumental Developments activities during his work as a Beamline Scientist (at SAXS Experimental Stations) at the following European Synchrotron Radiation Facilities: - Austrian SAXS Beamline – at the Synchrotron ELETTRA in Trieste [ITALY]. - Laboratory for the Use of Electromagnetic Radiation [LURE] in Orsay-PARIS FRANCE His (theoretical and experimental) Research Activity focuses on the following main topics: - Study of the Soft Interaction in Nanostructured Material and Supramolecular Aggregates. - Modeling of Structural and Dynamic Properties in Polymers, Dendrimers and Lipid Bio-Membranes in Solution. - Study of the Self-Assembly Processes in Organic-Inorganic Ibrid Materials (Zeolite Synthesis on Nanocolloids). - Investigation of the Interaction of (smart) nanoparticles with Model Lipid Bio-Membranes.